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Expat Emma Smith from Dunlop tells us what the decision to leave the EU means for her in Barcelona The fall out over Britain’s decision to leave the European Union continues to be felt across Scotland.

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wholesale jerseys china Since the result of the referendum, the Prime Minister has resigned, the UK Labour party is in bits, and most of the figures that spearheaded the ‘leave’ campaign have left the sinking ship. Our future and the impact of the decision remains unclear, but increasingly makes for uneasy reading on a daily basis as the situation becomes more entangled. As well as the uncertainty over what it means here in the UK,
cheap nfl jerseys china the decision to leave the EU is sure to impact expats on the continent. Originally
cheap nfl jerseys from Dunlop, former Stewarton Academy and Glasgow Caledonian University student Emma Smith is one such expat who is concerned over the outcome of the referendum. Living and working in the Raval district of Barcelona, Catalonia, Emma watched from afar the ups and downs of British politics and polls in the weeks before the Brexit

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