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Entertainment Showbiz from CTV News Prince William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, took in their first basketball game Monday. But a meeting with LeBron James afterward has some British commentators crying foul. The pair met with America’s own version of royalty when they crossed paths with superstar couple Jay Z and Beyonce, and the Cleveland Cavaliers star known as
wholesale jerseys china "King James" at an NBA game in Brooklyn. Though the "incident" seemed innocuous, etiquette expert William Hanson called it "another example of an American being too touchy feely with British royalty" in the piece. First Lady Michelle Obama committed a similar "breach of protocol" by giving the Queen a hug. But Robert Jobson, the royal editor at the Evening Standard News, said Kate and Will were likely unfazed. "I can’t imagine that Kate
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would be upset that she got a slight cuddle from
cheap jerseys china LeBron James," Jobson told CTV News. "She’ll probably put the picture of it on her mantelpiece at home." William and Kate held court at the Cavaliers Nets game Monday as part of their royal visit to the Big Apple. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge briefly chatted with music superstars Jay Z and Beyonce after the game, in addition to their encounter with "King James." James even had a few gifts for his royal visitors: special Cavaliers jerseys, including a small one with ‘George’ written on it for their young son, who remains back in Britain.

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