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says children need to be taught about the dangers of cyber bullying and grooming. "We had an arrest just last week in NSW of a person that had tried to groom a child under 15, and the police stepped in and took over
wholesale jerseys china that persona and made a successful arrest," she said. "So it’s about education, it’s about
cheap jerseys top parents knowing what their children are doing, it’s about us working with the Department of Education." 22 Aug 2011 2:27:59pm Sure, why not? In general the composition of the Police Force should match that of the society it serves (though perhaps with fewer criminals). I do take exception to the Governor General’s comments, though. It is absolutely and demonstrably false,

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cheap jerseys china and sexist to say ‘that women have communication skills and emotional intelligence that males cannot match’. As with most things, there is far more variation within the sexes than between them. There are doubtless many males with excellent communication skills and emotional intelligence. There are, for example, a great many

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