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cheap nfl jerseys china made the council final cut had requested more than $169 million in funding. Only a few projects have moved ahead with

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cheap jerseys all of the money requested. The next step is for project backers to submit revised plans outlining how the projects will proceed with less money. The state Legislature, subject to approval by the governor, has the final say. As in past years, the projects now in the pipeline are from an array of groups covering an array of habitats, back by an array of constituencies. Many of the projects continue efforts
authentic cheap jerseys begun with previous Legacy funds. Here are a few of the projects: Dakota County was approved for $4.1 million for a project that includes purchasing permanent easements on 750 acres. Among them is a 150 acre parcel whose owner plans to run youth hunter education courses. The courses won receive Legacy funds. Pheasants Forever was approved for $7.96 million toward efforts to accelerate purchases of 2,300 acres of land to become Wildlife Management Areas open to public hunting. PF also was

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