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the penalties for people who expose themselves to children and add
authentic cheap jerseys requirements that judges must consider in determining bail. The highlight, though, is a proposed change in the rules regarding hearsay evidence. Currently in child sex abuse cases, unless the victim is 11 or younger, most information obtained outside of a jury’s presence can’t be used in court because it’s considered hearsay. Older children

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cheap jerseys must wait weeks, months, sometimes years, before deciding whether to recount the sordid details of their abuse in open court, or forgo testimony altogether. HB 7031 would raise the age for the hearsay exception to 16, allowing the early, more
cheap jerseys accurate accounts by older children to be used during trial. The bill has its safeguards. Defense attorneys would still have adequate tools, like the deposition process, to make credible cases on behalf of their clients. And a judge would still make the final call of whether the information gathered during that initial interview should be admitted or not. But it would help

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