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need of finally trumping its biggest rival even on a lesser stage, or how can South Carolina continue its dominance after the departure of ringleaders such as Michael Roth, Matt Price and Christian Walker. Fresh storylines always abound and this year is no different. What young player, such as Clemson pitcher Daniel Gossett or USC shortstop Joey Pankake, will put an early stamp on his career as a rival killer? How about the

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authentic cheap jerseys fact this is the first time in forever that USC’s skipper is Chad Holbrook, rather than Ray Tanner striding out
cheap nfl jerseys for the pregame meeting at the plate with Jack Leggett. No matter the names on the back of the jerseys, the fervor never lessens when the fronts read USC and Clemson. Even in the earliest part of a long season, that’s about as much madness required when local basketball can’t get it done. Boynton: USC Clemson baseball is our March MadnessBy ERIC BOYNTONClemson coach Jack Leggett’s Tigers take on rival South Carolina in three
cheap jerseys top games this weekend. Brackets and office pools, underdogs

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